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Tuesday 25th June 2019 | Text

CHAmois Picture of the Month


Each month a different image or photograph of the CHAmois club is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a member. Click on the small image below to see it full size.

October 1999

Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse
Photo: Erica Mazzanti

Explanation: Back in August this year there was an unofficial CHAmois meet near LandsEnd, Cornwall. We all went down to see the last total solar eclipse this millenium, and the last to be seen from the UK until 2090. A total eclipse occurs when the Moon passes infront of the Sun, blocking out the light. The weather forecasts from the Met Office and Nasa were for cloud and that's exactly what we got! As totality approached, the light began to dim, going almost completely dark at the point of totality. All the way around the horizon there was a 'sunset' effect producing a 360o band of yellow and gold. A surprise effect was that the automatic lighthouse off the tip of Lands End came on for the duration of totality. Anyway, although we didn't see the eclipse (only the effects) we can look forward to the next solar eclipse in 2001.

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