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Tuesday 25th June 2019 | Text

CHAmois Picture of the Month


Each month a different image or photograph of the CHAmois club is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a member. Click on the small image below to see it full size.

March 2001

2001: A CHAmois Oddity
2001: A CHAmois Oddity
Photo: Judy Wilshaw

Explanation: On 31st December 2000 the CHAmois Mountaineering Club put on its second pantomime - oh yes it did. After buying a second hand nuclear-powered boiler, the Hut is launched into space and finally lands on Marsland. With some unexpected help, Dorothy travels to Olympus Mons to find the Wizard of Mozz and get back home. This picture shows the Wizard (Toby H), the Lion (Mel), Dorothy (Vanessa), the Scarecrow (Viv) and the Tin Man (Robin L).

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