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Friday 24th January 2020 | Text

What's New 2014?


The new Membership Application Forms, & details of how to contact the Membership Secretary, are now available on the website, accessed from the "About the Club" page.

The new Club Rules & Byelaws are now available on the website, accessed via a link in the grey menu bar from relevant pages. (The old, "pre-Mutual" Constitution & Rules are still on the website but only accessible via the "Committee Documents" page.)


A lot of activity carries on on an on-going basis so is not be detailed here.
This covers such things as:
- Putting up the bi-monthly newsletters
- Keeping the meets database up to date
- Putting up new Photos of the Month, & new entries in the photo galleries
- Adding new entries in the Links page
- Keeping the Library page updated
- Keeping the Committee information updated
- Repairing odd broken links as necessary

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