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Friday 24th January 2020 | Text

What's New 2012?


The Health & Safety policies for the club and for the the Chamois Mountaineering Centre are now available on the website, accessed via a link in the grey menu bar from relevant pages.


Changed the appearance of the link to the Picture of the Month so that it shows the current CPoM rather than just a constant old one. (This is in fact just restoring the way it used to work in the early days of Stuart Lowe's management.)


A lot of activity carries on on an on-going basis so will no longer be detailed here.
This covers such things as:
- Putting up the bi-monthly newsletters
- Keeping the meets database up to date
- Putting up new Photos of the Month, & new entries in the photo galleries
- Adding new entries in the Links page
- Keeping the Library page updated
- Keeping the Committee information updated
- Repairing odd broken links as necessary

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