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Friday 24th January 2020 | Text

About the Website

Site History

The website of the CHAmois Mountaineering Club was originally designed and implemented by Stuart Lowe and was launched back in September 1998. Initially it was hosted on the University of Manchester Computer Society's (Compsoc) machines. However, the address was very long and difficult to remember, so in November 1999, the club bought the name With the change of name we moved to a new server and the design was tinkered with to speed up download times. In December 2004 we moved to a new hosting company - Blackfoot hosting - who seem to be an improvement on our previous hosts. The website continues to evolve and the Webmaster welcomes any feedback.

Finding your way around

The menu bar at the top of every page, breaks the site down into eight seperate sections. Below this black bar is a sub-menu (grey) that provides links to pages within the current section. To return to the front page at any point, just click the 'HOME' link at the left hand side of the menu bar. The website also has its very own search facility that may help you find the information you want.

Why is everything blue?

You may have noticed that blue is used for the navigation bar throughout the website. This is because the front page of the Club Newsletter has been printed on blue paper for over 20 years, so it seemed appropriate to use the same colour on the website.

Technical Stuff and Credits

As from the beginning of 2009 the site is now maintained by Nick Jeffery. The lists of CMC bookings and meets bookings are maintained by the relevant club secretaries.

The original design & implementation were done by Stuart Lowe starting in early 1998. Brodie Asaristhen took over maintenance in 2006 & did further development.

The website was implemented in HTML, Javascript and Perl, using Notepad and more recently Macromedia Dreamweaver. The graphics were made using PaintShopPro and Animation Shop (from JASC software). The RealAudio files were created using the free package RealProducer (from RealNetworks).The site is hosted by Blackfoot Hosting. It is regularly updated, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please send them to the Webmaster.