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Tuesday 17th Sepember 2019
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Mountaineering Clubs of the World

America Europe Africa Middle-East Asia-Pacific
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NEW NOTE (March 2011): Stuart Lowe (the original webmaster) spent a lot of time & effort researching & compiling this list. It hasn't been checked or updated for many years so some of the information might be out of date. Content-type: text/html

There are now 439 clubs in the list.

Argentina (1)

Club Andino Bariloche

Bolivia (2)

Club Andino Boliviano
Club de Montañismo Halcones [Oruro]

Brazil (3)

Centro Excursionista Guanabara
Centro Excursionista Petropolitano
Clube Alpino Paulista

Canada (13)

Alpine Club of Canada [National]
British Columbia Mountaineering Club [British Columbia]
Calgary Mountain Club [Calgary, Alberta]
Eastern Edge Climbing Club [Newfoundland]
Grant MacEwan Mountain Club [Edmonton]
The Kootenay Mountaineering Club [British Columbia]
Lakehead University Rock Club [Ontario]
Ontario Rock Climbing Association [Ontario]
Randonnée Aventure [Montreal]
Shuswap Mountaineering Club [Salmon Arm, British Columbia]
Toronto Bruce Trail Club
University of Guelph Climbing Club [Guelph, Ontario]
University New Brunswick Rock & Ice Climbing Club [New Brunswick]

Chile (10)

Club Aleman Andino [Santiago]
Club Wechupún
Grupo Perros de los Andes
Rama de Andinismo Universidad de Magallanes
Rama de Montañismo de la Universidad Católica del Norte
Rama Facultad de Ingeniería U. de Chile
Rama Universidad de Chile
Rama Universidad de Concepción
Rama Universidad del Bio-Bio

Mexico (4)

Club de Exploraciones de Mexico (CEMAC)
Club de Montañismo CIMA [Nuevo León]
Club de Montañismo del ITESM
Montañismo y Exploración

USA (85)

5.10 Climbing Club [Arizona]
Alamo City Climbing Club [Texas]
Alaska Alpine Club [Alaska]
Alaskan Alpine Club [Fairbanks, Alaska]
Allentown Hiking Club [Pennsylvania]
American Alpine Club
American Hiking Society
American Long Distance Hikers Association West
Appalachian Mountain Club
Arizona Mountaineering Club [Arizona]
Arkansas Climbers and Cavers Club [Arkansas]
Bloomington Hiking Club [Indiana]
The Brandeis Outdoor and Mountaineering Club [Massechutes]
California Alpine Club [California]
California Mountaineering Club [California]
Caltech Alpine Club [Pasadena, California]
Capital Hiking Club [Bethesda, Maryland]
Cascadians [Yakima, Washington State]
Center Hiking Club [Washington D.C.]
Chattanooga Hiking Club [Tennessee]
Chemeketans [Salem, Oregon]
Chicago Mountaineering Club [Chicago]
City Climbers Club [New York]
Clarksville Climbing Club
Climbing Illini - University of Illinois [Urbana Champaign]
Colorado Mountain Club [Colorado]
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits [Ohio]
County Highpointers [National]
Dartmouth Mountaineering Club [New Hampshire]
Glacier Mountaineering Society [Northern Rockies of Montana]
Grand Traverse Hiking Club [Traverse City, Michigan]
Harvard Mountaineering Club
Highpointer Club
Hiyu Coulee Hiking Club [Seattle University]
Hoofer Mountaineering Club [Wisconsin]
Huachuca Hiking Club [Arizona]
Idaho Alpine Club [Idaho]
InterMountain Alpine Club [Northwest]
Iowa State University Mountaineering Club [Iowa]
James P. BeckWourth Mountain Club [Colorado]
JNU Mountaineering Club [New Jersey]
Kekekabic Trail Club
Las Vegas Mountaineers Club [Las Vegas]
Los Alamos Mountaineers [Los Alamos]
Louisiana Hiking Club [Louisiana]
Lynchburg Climbing Club [Virginia]
The Mazamas [Portland, Oregon]
Memphis Mountaineers [Tennessee]
Mountaineering and Whitewater Club at the University of S. Carolina [Carolina]
Mountaineering Club of Alaska
The Mountaineers [Seattle, Washington State]
Mt. Baker Hiking Club [Bellingham, Washington State]
Nantahala Hiking Club [North Carolina]
National Taiwan University Mountaineering Club [Madison, Wisconsin]
New Mexico Mountain Club [New Mexico]
New Mexico University Mountaineering Club [New Mexico]
New York Hiking Club [New York]
Northern Arizona University Mountaineering Club [Arizona]
Northern Virginia Hiking Club
One Step at a Time [Washington State?]
Oregon Mountaineering Association [Oregon]
Oregon State Univeristy Mountaineering Club
Obsidians [Eugene, Oregon]
Pacific Crest Trail Association
Piedmont Hiking & Outing Club
Pioneer Valley Hiking Club [Western Massechutes]
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Mountaineering Section [Washington D.C.]
Ptarmigans [Vancouver, Washington State]
Rock Rendezvous [San Fransisco]
Santiam Alpine Club [Salem, Oregon]
Sarasota Mountaineering Club [Florida]
SERAC Club [Utah]
Spokane Mountaineers [Pacific Northwest]
Tacoma Mountaineers [Washington State]
Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club
Tennessee Trails Association [Tennessee]
Texins Outdoor Club [Texas]
TraditionalMountaineering [Bend, Oregon]
University of Cincinnati Mountaineering Club
Wanderbirds Hiking Club [Washington D.C.]
Wasatch Mountain Club [Utah]
Washington Alpine Club [Washington State]
Williamsport Alpine Club [Pennsylvania]
Xerox Mountaineering and Backpacking Club [South California]
Yale Mountaineering Club [Connecticut]

Venezuela ()

Asociación Venezolana de Instructores y Guías de Montaña


Austria (1)

Österreichischer Alpenverein (Austrian Alpine Club)

Belgium (2)

Bergsportvereniging Provincie Antwerpen
Club Alpin Belge

Bulgaria (1)

Bulgarian Alpine Club

Denmark (1)

Dansk Bjergklub (Danish Mountain Club)

Estonia (3)

Alpiklubi "Firn" Mountaineering Club
Tallinn Rock Climbing Club
Winnie-Puhh Hiking Club

France (8)

A.S. Villefontaine [Vaulx Milieu]
Club Alpin Français [National]
Club Alpin Français Grenoble-Oisans [Grenoble]
ENS-Lyons Mountain Club [Lyon]
Grenoble Universite Montagne (GUM) [Grenoble]
Grimp'Azur [Nice]
Tournefeuille Altitude Grimpe [Tournefeuille]
Vertige [Bordeaux]

Germany (1)

German Alpine Club, Sektion Essen

Greece (3)

Athenian Climbing Club
Mountaineering Club Of Hania [Hania, Crete]
Mountaineering and Skiing Club Of Iraklion
Mountaineering Clubs in Greece [a list of local clubs in Greece]

Hungary (1)

Hungarian Mountaineering Club [Budapest]

Iceland (1)

Icelandic Alpine Club

Ireland (18)

An Oige Mountaineering Club
Bishopstown Hillwalking and Orienteering Clubs [Cork]
Club Cualann [Dublin/Wicklow]
Comeragh Mountaineering Club [Comeragh, Waterford]
Cork Mountaineering Club [Cork]
Dal Riada Climbing Club
DCU Climbing Club
Dingle Mountaineering Club [Co. Kerry]
Dublin Institute of Technology South Mountaineering Club [Dublin]
Dublin University Climbing Club [Dublin]
Irish Mountaineering Club [National]
Laune Mountaineering Club [Killorglin, Co. Kerry]
Lung Gompas Hillwalking Club [Dublin]
Magee Hillwalking Club [University of Ulster]
Shanganagh Ramblers Hillwalking Club [Shankill, Co. Dublin]
Sligo Mountaineering Club [Co. Sligo]
Trekkers Mountaineering Club
University College Cork Mountaineering Club [Cork]

Italy (2)

Club Alpino Italiano [Loano]
Club Alpino Italiano [Lugo di Romagna]

Latvia (1)

Latvian Alpinist Association (Vertikale X)

Luxembourg (1)

Groupe Alpin Luxembourgeois

Macedonia (1)

Mountain Club PSD Korab [Skopje]

Netherlands (3)

Eindhoven Students Alpine Club
Dutch Alpine Club
Landgraafse Alpine Club

Norway (2)

Norwegian Alpine Club
Bergen Climbing

Romania (1)

The "Oioi Hop" Mountaineering and Ecology Group

Russia (3)

The Mountain Club of Institute of Applied Physics [Nizhny Novgorod]
The Mountaineering Club in Chernogolovka
Mountaineering Club of Novosibirsk State University

Slovenia (4)

Academic Alpine Club
Alpine Association of Slovenia
Nova Gorica
Orienteering Club Azimut

Spain (5)

Club de Monta a Denali [Madrid]
Club Montañero Sierra Del Pinar
Club Muntanyenc Sant Cugat [Barcelona]
Club Peña Trevinca Montañeiros de Galicia
Costa Blanca Mountain Friends

Sweden (2)

Malmö Climbing Club
Stockholm Climbing Club

Switzerland (2)

Akademischer Alpen-Club Zürich [Zürich]
Swiss Alpine Club/Schwezer Alpen-Club

Turkey (7)

Dagciligin ve Spor Tirmanisin
EGE University Nature and Mountaineering Club
Hacettepe University Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club
ODTU Dagcilik ve Kis Sporlari Kolu
Turkish Mountaineering Clubs [a list by Zirve Dagcilik Mountaineering Club]
Yildiz Technical University Mountaineering Club [Istanbul]
Zirve Dagcilik

United Kingdom (163)

Aberdeen Mountaineering Club [Aberdeen, Scotland]
Achille Ratti Climbing Club [National]
AGC Mountaineering Club [South-East]
The Alpine Club [UK National Alpine Club]
Alton Mountaineering Club [Hampshire]
An Teallach Mountaineering Club [Scotland]
Ancrum Mountaineering Club [Dundee, Scotland]
Army Mountaineering Association
Austrian Alpine Club UK Branch [National]
Aylesbury Climbing Club [Aylesbury]
Backpackers Club [National]
Banbury Mountaineering Club [Oxfordshire]
Barnsley Mountaineering Club [Barnsley, South Yorkshire]
Bassetlaw Hill & Mountain Club [ Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire]
Bethesda Mountaineering Club [Bethesda, Wales]
Bewdley & District Mountaineering Club [Worcestershire]
Blairgowrie & District Hillwalking Club [Blairgowrie, Scotland]
Blantyre Hillwalking & Rambling Club [Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland]
BOOTS [Oldmeldrum, North of Aberdeen, Scotland]
Bowline Climbing Club [Leicester]
Boy's Brigade Mountaineering Club [National]
Bradford C.H.A. [Bradford, West Yorkshire]
Bridlington Walking & Climbing Club [Bridlington]
Brixton Climbers [Brixton, London]
Bromsgrove and Redditch Mountaineering Club [Worcestershire]
Burnley Mountaineering Club [Burnley]
Cambridge Climbing and Caving Club [Cambridge]
Cairn Ban Mountaineering Club [Glasgow, Scotland]
Cairngorm Club [Cairngorms, Scotland]
Carn Dearg Mountaineering Club [Dundee, Scotland]
Castle Mountaineering Club [Sheffield, South Yorkshire]
Cerberus Spelaeological Society [Somerset]
CHAmois Mountaineering Club [National]
Chelmsford Mountaineering Club [Chelmsford, Essex]
Chester Mountaineering Club [Chester]
Cioch Mountaineering Club [Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland]
Cleveland Mountaineering Club [Tees Valley]
Climbers' Club [National]
Cliffhangers Climbing Club
Clogwyn Mountaineering Club [Derby]
Clwyd Mountaineering Club [Clwyd, Wales]
Clyde Valley Mountaineering Club [Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland]
Colmcille Climbers [Derry, Northern Ireland]
Congleton Mountaineering Club [Congleton, Cheshire]
Coventry Mountaineering Club [Coventry]
Cragrats Mountaineering Club [London]
Craven Mountaineering Club [Skipton]
Croydon Mountaineering Club [Croyden]
Daresbury Laboratory Fellwalking and Climbing Club [Cheshire]
Derwent Mountaineering Club [Matlock]
Downs and Weald Rambling Group [Surrey]
Eagle Ski Club [National]
East Grinstead Climbing Club [East Grinstead]
Eden Valley Mountaineering Club [Penrith]
Edinburgh Award Group Leaders for Expeditions (EAGLE) Club [Edinburgh, Scotland]
Edinburgh Mountaineering Club [Edinburgh, Scotland]
Exploration Group of North Somerset [Bristol]
Farnborough & Camberley Outdoor Group [Farnborough]
Fell and Rock Climbing Club [Lake District]
Ferranti Mountaineering Club [Edinburgh, Scotland]
Forfar & District Hillwalking Club [Forfar,Scotland]
Frayednotts Mountaineering Club [Nottingham]
Fylde Mountaineering Club [Lancashire]
Gay Outdoor Club [National]
Glasgow Glenmore Club [Glasgow, Scotland]
Gloucestershire Mountaineering Club [Gloucester]
Goats Mountaineering Club [London]
Grampian Club [Dundee, Scotland]
Granite City Hill Walkers [Aberdeen, Scotland]
Gritstone Club [the North]
Guernsey Mountaineering Club [Guernsey]
Guildford Mountaineering Club [Guilford]
Gwent Mountaineering Club [Gwent, Wales]
Gwydyr Mountain Club [Wales]
Harrow and Wembley Outdoor Group [Harrow, North West London]
Heathrow Hikers [West London, Middlesex and Surrey]
Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club [Hertfordshire]
High Peak Climbing Group [Derbyshire]
Highways Hillwalking club [Edinburgh, Scotland]
Hillingdon Mountaineering Club [West London]
Hinckley Mountaineering Club [Leicestershire]
Ibex Mountaineering Club [London]
Innominata Mountain Club [Davenport, Cheshire]
Inverness Mountaineering Club [Inverness, Scotland]
Ipswich Mountaineering Club [Ipswich]
Jacobites Mountaineering Club [Edinburgh, Scotland]
Karabiner Mountaineering Club [Manchester]
Keswick Mountaineering Club [Keswick]
Kyle Mountain Club [Ayr, Scotland]
Ladies Scottish Climbing Club [Scotland]
Lancaster Fellwalkers [Lancaster]
Lanchester Mountaineering Club [Lanchester]
Langside Mountaineering Club [Shawlands, Glasgow, Scotland]
Leeds Mountaineering Club [Leeds, West Yorkshire]
Lincoln Mountaineering Club [Lincoln]
London Backpackers [London]
London Mountaineering Club [London]
Loughton Mountaineering Club [Loughton]
Manchester Cross-Country Ski Club [Manchester]
Marylebone Mountaineering Club [London]
Mensa Rambling & Mountaineering SIG
Mercian Mountaineering Club [Birmingham]
Merseyside Mountaineering Club [Merseyside]
Midland Association of Mountaineers [Midlands]
Milton Keynes Mountaineering Club [Milton Keynes]
Moray Mountaineering Club [Elgin and Forres, Scotland]
NCR Hillwalking & Climbing Club [Dundee, Scotland]
Newbury Mountain Club [Newbury]
North Kingston Hillwalking Club [North Kingston]
North Leicestershire Mountain Club [Leicestershire]
North London Mountaineering Club [London]
Northumbria Backpackers [Northumbria]
Northumbrian Mountaineering Club [Northumbria]
Nuneaton Rambling Club [Warwickshire]
Nuneaton Mountaineering Club [Nuneaton, Warwickshire]
Oadby Hill walking Club [Leicestershire]
Ochils Mountaineering Club [Stirling, Scotland]
Oread Mountaineering Club [Derby]
Orion Mountaineering Club [West of Scotland]
The Outcasts [Hampshire]
Oxford Mountaineering Club [Oxford]
Paisley Hillwalking Club [Paisley, Scotland]
Peterborough Mountaineering Club [Peterborough]
Preston Mountaineering Club [Preston]
Railway Ramblers [National]
Reading Mountaineering Club [Reading]
Redrope [National]
Rock and Heather Club [Nottingham]
Rockhoppers [London]
Royal Air Force Mountaineering Association [National]
Royal Forest of Dean Caving Club [Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire]
Super Drooper Mountaineering and Caving Club [East Anglia]
Scottish Mountaineering Club [Scotland]
Shrewsbury Mountaineering Club [Shropshire]
Slough Mountaineering Group [Slough]
Solihull Mountaineering Club [Solihull]
South Wales Mountaineering Club [Wales]
Southampton Rats Climbing Club [Southampton]
Southern Trekking and Mountaineering Club
Strathaven Climbing Club [Stathaven, Scotland]
Summit Walking Group [National]
Surbiton & Kingston Mountaineering Club [Surrey]
Swaledale Outdoor Club [Swaledale]
Swansea Rock and Hill Club [Swansea, Wales (MISSING 19/5/2002)]
Swindon Mountaineering Club [Swindon]
Thames Valley Climbing Club
Tuesday Climbing Club [London]
Tunbridge Wells Mountaineering Club [Tunbridge Wells]
Vagabond Mountaineering Club [Merseyside]
Vale Royal Mountaineering Club [Middlewich]
Vibram Mountaineering Club [Huddersfield, West Yorkshire]
Walsall Rock & Ice Mountaineering Club
Warwick Climbing Club [Warwick]
Wayfarers [Birmingham University]
Wellingborough Mountaineering Club [Northamptonshire (MISSING 19/5/2002)]
Wessex Mountaineering Club [Wessex]
Wolverhampton Mountaineering Club [Wolverhampton]
Wrekin Mountaineering Club [Shropshire]
York Alpine Club [York]
York Mountaineering Club [York]
Yorkshire Mountaineering Club [Yorkshire]
Umbrella Club [Birmingham University Alumni Club]
University Mountaineering Clubs [a list of university clubs by Lancaster University Mountaineering Club]
University of Stirling Mountaineering Club [Stirling, Scotland]

Yugoslavia (2)

ASAK - Student Speleologic and Alpinistic Club [Belgrade]
Pobeda Mountaineering Club


Kenya (1)

Mountain Club of Kenya

South Africa (4)

Boksburg Hiking Club
Border Outdoor Adventure Association
Footprint Hiking Club
Mountain Club of S.A.


Iran (6)

Alborz Mountaineering Club
Alpine Club of Iran
Arash Mountaineering Group [Tehran]
Chakad Climbing group [Isfahan]
Damavand mountaineering & ski club
Kohbod Climbing Group


Australia (23)

Adelaide University Mountain Club [Adelaide]
Army Alpine Association
Australian National University Mountaineering Club
Bendigo Alpine Club [Victoria]
Brisbane Rockclimbing Club [Brisbane]
Canberra Bushwalking Club [Canberra]
Darwin Bushwalking club
Glasshouse Bushwalking Club
LaTrobe Mountaineering Club
Melbourne Bushwalkers [Melbourne]
Melbourne University Mountaineering Club [Melbourne]
New England University Mountaineering Club
Newcastle University Mountaineering Club
Queensland Bushwalkers Club [Northgate]
Sydney Bush Walking Club [Sydney]
Sydney Rockclimbing Club [Sydney]
Sydney University Rockclimbing & Mountaineering Club [Sydney]
Tasmania University Bushwalking Club
Univ. of New South Wales Bushwalking & Mountaineering Club
Univ. of Queensland Bushwalking Club
Watagan Wanderers [Warners Bay]
Waverley Bushwalking Club
Yarrawood Bushwalking Club

China (7)

39 Degree Climber Club [Beijing]
Fujian Mountaineering Association [Fujian]
Fuzhou City Climbing Club [Fujian]
Peking University Mountaineering Association [Beijing]
Qinghai Mountaineering Association [Qinghai]
Tsinghua University Science & Expediton Association [Beijing]
Urumchi Mountaineering Association [Xinjiang Province]

Hong Kong (1)

Hong Kong Trampers

India (3)

Chandannagar Mountaineering Association [Chandannagar]
Himalayan Club [International]
India Institute of Technology Bombay Mountaineering Club [Bombay]

Indonesia (1)

Electro's Mountaineering Club [Univ. Gadjah Mada]

Japan (0)

Japanese Mountaineering Clubs [a list by Yuuko Yamaguchi]

Korea (1)

Corea Alpine Club

New Zealand (21)

Auckland Baptist Tramping Club
Auckland University Tramping Club [Auckland]
Auckland Speleo Group [Auckland]
Avon Tramping Club
Canterbury Mountaineering Club [Canterbury]
Christchurch Tramping Club [Christchurch]
Gisborne Canoe & Tramping Club [Gisborne]
Hutt Valley Tramping Club [Lower Hutt]
Levin Waiopehu Tramping Club [Levin]
Manawatu Tramping and Skiing Club [North Island]
Massey University Alpine Club [Palmerston North]
New Zealand Alpine Club
New Zealand Speleological Society
North Shore Tramping Club
Otago Tramping And Mountaineering Club
Peninsula Tramping Club
Tararua Tramping Club
Waikato Tramping Club
Wellington Caving Group [Wellington]
Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club [Wellington]
West Auckland District Tramping Club [West Auckland]

Pakistan (1)

Pakistan Alpine Club [ Faisalabad]

Philippines (8)

AKYAT Mountaineering Club
AMCI Mountaineering Club
Hakbang Kalikasan Mountaineering Society
Mapua Institute of Technology Mountaineering Club
Metropolitan Mountaineering Society
Mountaineering & Exploration Society of Adamson Uni.
Philippine Airlines Mountaineering Club
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. Mountaineering Club

Singapore (4)

Himalayan Mountaineering Club
Mountaineering Society of Singapore (MOSS)
NTU Mountaineering Club
NUS Mountaineering Sub-Club

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